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Dreams of Your Life is a game designed to work on recent browsers using JavaScript.

It looks like your browser has JavaScript turned off: this will prevent the game from being displayed properly or functioning properly. Read about how to turn on JavaScript.

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What is Dreams of Your Life ?

Dreams of Your Life is a playful experience that is a sister project, responding to Carol Morley's documentary Dreams of A Life. Find out more on the About page.

How do I play Dreams of Your Life ?

It might help if you think of Dreams of Your Life as a conversation, rather than a website.

You can move from screen to screen in a number of ways:-

You may be asked to enter text: this is stored securely and will not be seen by anyone except you. You can read our Privacy Policy for more information about how we treat your information.

Why do you want my name?

Because we need to know what to call you. It's nice to be called by your real name, isn't it?

Why do you want my email address?

We use your email so that the system can recognise you if you choose to log in again. Your email is stored securely encrypted in a database, and only available to the game.

When you give us your email, you will be sent one email confirming that it's really you: you need to click the confirmation link in this email to receive anything further from us.

Will you send me emails?

The game will ask you if it can send you emails: "One thing that could happen is that I could send you a few ideas for things to do. Some ways of noticing the world. Would you like that?"

If you agree with the game that you can be sent email you will receive emails only to do with the Dreams of Your Life game. These will appear very occasionally, over quite a long period of time, and are part of the whole experience: they'll contain more questions and challenges for you.

You can easily unsubscribe using a link in each email.

If you are interested in receiving email from Film 4 and its partners with information on programmes, 4oD shows, events, competitions and surveys, you will be given the option when you confirm your email address with us.

How do I log in?

Start moving through the screens: the game will offer you the chance to sign in and resume where you left off last time. ("Have I spoken to you like this before? Remind me.")

How do I log out?

There is a log out link in the menu bar.

About Accessibility

We have done our best to make Dreams of Your Life compliant with the WCAG AA guidelines. However, Dreams of Your Life requires JavaScript turned on to function properly.

There is a high-visibility version of the text available, by clicking the icon on the menu bar.

Keyboard navigation is also available: press space or the right arrow to advance through frames, and see the following section on access keys.

Access keys

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